With iAnnotate PDF, anyone can manage, store, and annotate hundreds of PDF files on their iPad. From the shortest contracts to the lengthiest journals, iAnnotate's scrolling page view and customizable annotation tools allows you to mark up documents with ease and flexibility. Open numerous PDFs at once, create a toolbar of your favorite highlighter colors, drag and drop files in the library- all this and many more features you'll find only in iAnnotate PDF.

It's easy to link iAnnotate PDF to one or more of your Box accounts. First, tap the Connectivity Tab in the Library, tap Setup New Account, select Box, and then enter your account information. Once your Box account set up, you can manage your PDF documents with a range of commands: download documents and directories of PDFs from Box to iAnnotate, quickly upload any annotated or modified PDFs back to Box, or even upload new documents to your Box account. With Box functionality included, iAnnotate PDF will help you be more productive than ever before.